How to Create a Poll on Instagram to Generate Buzz and Engagement

Engage Your Audience with Instagram’s New Polling Feature

This post was originally published on October 20th 2017, and was last updated on December 14th 2017.

How to Create a Poll on Instagram

Looking for new and fun ways to engage with your followers on Instagram? Want to get more direct feedback from your audience? Well Instagram has just introduced an awesome new feature on stories: Instagram Polling.

Here’s how to create an Instagram Poll:

Before you dive in…

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1. Create a Story Post

Take your photo or create your text and background post for your story. To maximize the impact of the poll, try to create some context related to the topic of the poll beforehand. Add any filters, text, emojis to your story (whatever floats your boat) leaving enough space to add the poll to your post.

(If you’ve used Schedugram’s photo editor before and prefer to add your favorite filters and effects to your images using our app, follow the instructions at the end of this article).

To create a poll, tap on the Sticker icon at the top of the Story screen and select the Poll sticker option.

Filters Made Easy

With Schedugram’s in-browser editor, you can easily add any filter or sticker to your images as you schedule your posts in advance.

2. Enter your question and response options

An automatic prompt to add your question and a Yes/No poll box will appear. Type in the question you want to ask in the text field. You can ask any question of your audience, so get as creative as you like!

The text option only allows up to 26 characters, however it’s best to keep the text short and sweet. This will make it easier for your audience to read and increase the likelihood of them responding to your poll. To customize the responses, tap each box and enter two reponses of your choice.

Unlike Instagram’s other stickers, there aren’t any other font colour/design options for polling other than the turquoise or pink (not just yet anyway).

3. Place Your Poll

Once you’ve finished customizing your poll, press the done button in the top-right corner of your screen. The poll sticker automatically will appear in the centre of the screen, you can drag the Poll around to fit your image, text and style of your image. You can change the Poll sticker smaller or larger.

4. Share Your Story

Share your poll just as you would any other Instagram story. Viewers that are following you will be able to scroll through your story and vote on their choice, polling of course is optional.

how to create a poll on Instagram

5. Monitor your Poll Results

Once your poll goes live, you can turn on the push notifications from your phone settings so it displays each vote as they come. Alternatively, you can view the poll results from your Instagram story by swiping up to the post analytics.

Votes then turn the Poll sticker into percentages based on what your audience selcted options. The percentage of votes are viewable to the public, however who voted and the number of votes is only viewable to you.

Analytics are only available whilst the post is live, so screenshot or jot down the results from your Poll so you can utilise this information after the 24 hours that Instagram allows for a single story.


How to use Instagram polling to engage with your audience

Instagram polling is an incredible opportunity to engage with your audience and make them feel as part of the decision making process of your company.

Here’s how brands can use Polling to engage with their followers:

Market Research

Whether you’re looking to source key data from your audience for an upcoming project or want to learn more about what their preferences are, asking questions via polling can offer incredible insight.

Get opinions on:

  • Options for a product (size, color, shape, etc.) – great for the early stages of the planning process
  • Event Ideas- (preferred days, times or topics)
  • Topics for a blog post – find out what your audience wants to hear from you, what resources you can offer

Ask for Feedback

What better way to find out what your audience wants than straight out asking them? A poll is a low-risk, quick and free way to do this. Not sure what type of questions to ask?n Find out what people do and don’t like about your product. What products are your customers really after?

Jess Ruhfus of @collabosaurus gaining key insights in a video on Instagram Stories on which topics would encourage her followers to watch Collabosaurus live videos.

Showcase your brand’s personality

Authenticity has been a buzz word lately, with audiences expecting brands to be more human.

how to create a poll on Instagramhow to create a poll on Instagram

Cruelty-free and vegan nail polish brand Kester Black recently compared two of It’s own products to battle it out to see which product was quicker and more effective to use. The segment was a fun and engaging way for the brand to connect with It’s audience.

There are so many creative ways to incorporate Instagram Stories polls into your strategy. It’s a fun tool that can showcase your brand personality and the day to day operations that makes your business unique. After a while, it can get a bit addictive so try not to overuse polls, or you may dilute the level of responses from your audience.

how to create a poll on Instagram

How to Edit Your Images Using Schedugram’s Photo Editor

Adding a poll to a Stories post is not something you can do with Schedugram yet (although you can create regular Story posts using images/videos and schedule them to post automatically).

But if you prefer to use our in-app photo editor to add filters and effects to your images before using them to create a poll on Instagram, here’s how.

Open Schedugram and upload the image you want to use from your computer, Google Drive/Photos, Dropbox, Canva or via an Instagram URL. Then, click on the ‘Edit image’ icon (see below).


Next, pick the effect you want to apply from the toolbar (in this case, we’ll choose filters).


Then, apply the effect you want on your image (we picked the ‘Front’ filter).


Once you’re happy with the way your image looks, click save. This will take you back to the previous window. Next, double-click on the image (green arrow below).


This will open it in a separate window. Then, just right click on the image, choose the ‘save image as’ option (see green arrow below) and save it to your computer. Now, you can use it anywhere you like!


Over to you

Are you excited to start using polls in your Instagram stories? Have you already created some for your business and have some of the results influenced your business decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments below and if you’re after some more ideas on what to post on your stories; Here are 9 ways to get your creative juices flowing.

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