Reminder: Good Secure Password Practice

Around the web, we’ve seen a few recent “hacks” of accounts, both Instagram and other social media accounts. Some of these have been big database breaches (a different problem altogether), while others have just been single accounts accessed without permission. At Schedugram, we take your account security seriously, and our team does a lot of…

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Improved Emoji Support Now Live

One of the requests we’ve had of late is for updated emoji to support the new “skin tones” of emojis, as well as some of the newer emoji that were released after we initially wrote our emoji picker. It took us a while to update everything as in the interim we did a large update…

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Fake News and the Ultimate 4,000-word Guide to the Instagram Shadowban problem

There has been a lot of attention lately about an ‘Instagram shadowban’. This post was written by Schedugram CEO Hugh Stephens to talk about his perspective. We’ve been following Instagram remarkably closely for over 3 years now. Before starting Schedugram, I was in social media consulting for 4 years, working with anything from small corner shops…

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cat with money

Write for us and get paid!

(image source) We’ve just announced details of our new program, asking for people to pitch stories/blog posts to us – and we pay you for your time! You can read a bit more about the ‘version 1’ model that we have launched, where we pay up to $200 for high quality posts that will be…

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iOS App Launched Into Beta

UPDATE: our iOS app is now live on the App Store. You can download it here. We’re excited to launch the first version of our iOS app for Schedugram into beta testing. The first version of the app only has the most common functions people use Schedugram for. We don’t expect the mobile apps to…

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Instagram Carousel: multiple images or videos in one Instagram post

Last week Instagram announced a feature we’re calling Carousel (some call it multiple images, gallery posts, etc). With this feature, users can now add up to 10 images and videos in one post. Instagram’s suggestions for where this can be used includes: Share your favorite moments of your best friend’s surprise birthday party, from setting…

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