Pay per account

You pay for each Instagram account that you add to Schedugram.

Change any time

Add or remove accounts at any time – your billing automatically adjusts.

No dirty tricks

We’re convinced you’ll love Schedugram, so you pay by the month, and can cancel anytime.

10+ accounts?

Manage lots of accounts? Ask us about discounts for 10+ accounts.

1. What currency would you like to pay with?
2. You pay for each account that you manage. Use the button below to add the right number of accounts, then select the right follower size for each account.
Add another Instagram account
Number of followers Monthly cost for account

Plus, every Schedugram account includes:

  • Unlimited additional users
  • “First comment” feature to keep your posts looking great
  • No upload limits
  • Posts done for you
  • Image and video scheduling
  • Full-featured image editor
  • Canva integration
  • Access to our mobile apps for iOS and Android

and more…

Your total monthly cost will be $20 per month for 1 Instagram account.

Or save by paying annually: an annual account will cost $200 – that’s 2 months free! Just contact us to request to be changed to annual billing.
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10% GST is included for Australian customers. Schedugram does not charge VAT or other international taxes.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. You pay for 10 months, and get 12 – that’s 2 months free! Just contact us to request to be changed to annual billing after you have registered.

Schedugram offers payments in US Dollars, Euros and Pounds. Select the best currency for you in the dropdown form above to see the monthly fee for your accounts.

Schedugram only accepts credit card payments for monthly accounts (Mastercard, Visa, Amex), and you are billed each month automatically after your trial. You can also use a credit card to pay for an annual account. If you need to pay by invoice or Paypal, we can unfortunately only offer those payment types for some accounts. Read more here.

Unless you’re on an annual plan, you pay month-to-month and you can cancel at any time (including during the free trial of course!).

There is a button on your profile page that will let you cancel the account before the next time you are billed. Instructions on how to cancel are here. No dirty tricks, remember?

Not a problem! All users get a free 7 day trial, starting from when your first Instagram account is approved. If you have trouble during your trial, feel free to reach out and we will happily reset your trial.

Of course, we email you to tell you when the trial is ending so you won’t get surprised.

We require you to enter a card when you sign up. That doesn’t mean we are charging it – your card won’t be charged until the end of the free trial (and we have a 7 day refund policy as well).

We ask for a credit card up front to reduce fraudulent use of our platform, which would harm all of our customers, yourself included!

Rest assured that we don’t charge your card until the end of the 7 day trial, and we tell you when your trial is ending in case you choose not to continue using Schedugram.

We absolutely do not sell Instagram followers or Likes, which is forbidden in Instagram’s terms and conditions.

When we refer to followers above, we are referring to the number of followers each Instagram account that you add has. The number of followers the account has determines the amount you pay each month for that account.

Because Schedugram is a paid service, we don’t post ads or any content that you haven’t uploaded to your Instagram accounts. We make money from posting your content, not something from someone else!

Discounts apply when you add 10 or more Instagram accounts. The discount will be automatically applied in the quote above if you have up to 20 accounts. Any questions, just get in touch.

If you have more questions about how Schedugram works or your monthly price, we have a FAQ page on billing. You can also email us at [email protected].