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Why use Instagram for business

Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms out there, amongst others like Facebook, YouTube Twitter, Snapchat etc. With over 800 million monthly active accounts on the platform, getting started and standing out can be quite a tough job.

However, if you stick with it and share high-quality content, you’ll not only notice your engagement and growth, but you may also start seeing more sales - especially if you get featured on the explore page.

According to Instagram, 80 per cent of Instagram users follow a business on the platform. That’s just one reason why you should get started immediately. If you are still not convinced, let me tell you that 200 million visit a business profile every day. That’s a huge number. Need I say more?

How to switch to a business profile

When it comes to using Instagram for business, it’s not too different compared to using it like a normal user, you’ll still have the same options with a few extras.

Depending on whether you have switched your account to a business profile, you will notice the insights section and the ability to add contact options. These are important to help increase conversations that potentially lead to sales.

To get started with a business profile, first launch the Instagram app. Next, login to your desired account or create an Instagram account here. Click on the settings icon and scroll down to where it mentions ‘Switch to Business Profile’. Tap that and then connect the account with your business Facebook page.

how to use instagram how to use instagram

You’ll then be able to view insights about your followers, such as the gender, age range, location - both cities and countries and even when your followers are mostly active. However, in order to see these metrics you will need to have a minimum of 100 followers on your business profile.

It’s worth keeping an eye on your insights regularly to find out how you can improve your content, follower-growth and see what has worked well in the past.

How to use Instagram Stories for business

Using Instagram stories is a very effective way to engage with your audience and is very easy to do. You can either create and share content there and then, or decide to upload pre-made content, both of which can be used to your advantage for driving more business.

Getting started with Instagram Stories is super simple. Load up the app and swipe left or click the camera icon in the top left corner. By default this will allow you to take a picture. At the bottom you will be able to slide across and choose another option from the following; Type, Live, Normal, Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind, Hands-Free, Stop-Motion.

how to use instagram

Experiment with those and see what works well for your brand, increasing engagement.

To upload pre-made content, you will first need to make sure it’s the right dimensions. For Instagram stories, the dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels. Once you are ready, swipe up or click the square (next to the flash icon) showcasing an image from your camera roll. You’ll then see content from the last 24 hours.

Continue scrolling down and you’ll start seeing content directly from your camera roll. Go ahead and choose the media to use, you will then see various options. You can add stickers, text, draw and save the image to your camera roll. If you have over 10,000 followers, you will be eligible to attach a hyperlink by clicking on the hyperlink icon.

After you have double checked your content and are happy with it, go ahead and click the ‘Send to’ button. The next screen will load allowing you to share it directly to your page or other people. If you have also enabled the Facebook stories option, you can share the content to your Facebook Page’s story.

How often to post to Instagram

If you performed a quick Google search for how often to post on Instagram, you will see various articles mentioning all sorts. Some will say once a day, others will mention 10 a day. Depending on your account size, the industry you are in and the type of content, you should consider sharing around 1-3 posts a day, all at different times.

You wouldn’t want to annoy your followers by sharing three or more posts straight after each other, so make sure you share them at various times. This will also give your audience a break from just seeing your content all the time - which could across as ‘spammy’ if the content is appealing or provides value.

how to use instagram influencer engagement calculator

Don’t just share any type of content either. To maximise your chances of success on the platform, you will need to create engaging content.

To get a good idea, you should also look at what your competitors are doing. See how often they are sharing their content, what type of content and their engagement ratio. All this will come in very handy.

To find out the engagement rate of an Instagram account, you could use the Phlanx Instagram Engagement Calculator.

When to post on Instagram

To reach your audience at the best time on Instagram, you should be looking to share content at the time they’re online and active. This can be very difficult to pinpoint the exact hour, but with Instagram Business Profiles, utilising the Insights will give you a break-down of when your followers are online. You’ll want to write those hours down and plan your content to be shared around those exact times.

Unfortunately that can be an issue if you have a busy day or might forget, but with the help of Schedugram, you can schedule your Instagram posts for specific times.

You can also set-up a content queue in the dashboard too, where you can select the best times for the content to be shared, leaving you to upload the content and add it to your queue - then you’re done! You’ll start to notice you’ll have your weekends back!

Unfortunately that can be an issue if you have a busy day or might forget, but with the help of Schedugram, you can schedule your Instagram posts for specific times.

how to use instagram

Using location and hashtags in your posts

In order to maximise your reach on Instagram, it’s important that you utilise the location tag feature and hashtags. Both of which will help your content stand out and get seen by others.

To add a location to your posts, begin by clicking the plus symbol inside the square box when launching Instagram. This will allow you to choose the content you would like to share. Proceed until you reach the screen to add a caption. Below the caption area, you will see ‘Add Location’ tap on that and then type in or scroll to find the specific location you would like to tag. Once selected, you’re free to share your content.

how to use instagram

You can also edit your existing posts with a location too. This can be achieved by clicking on the three dots when viewing your published content. Click on ‘Edit’ and then click ‘Add Location…’ at the top underneath your Instagram handle.

how to use instagram

Tools to make your life easier

Creating content and managing your Instagram can be quite time-consuming, especially when you’re posting several times each day. To make your life is easier, there are several tools out there that will come in handy.

Schedugram's Visual Planner

When creating content for Instagram, it’s handy to know what it will look like placed with your other media already published. Ideally, you should be having a consist theme of content, whether it’s standing out from the use of colour or type of content you share, either way a consistent theme across your account will increase engagement and make your feed look very attractive, especially if they are eye-catching.

how to use instagram

With Schedugram’s visual planner, you can plot your feed with your favourite content. The ability to move posts around, whether they’re in draft, scheduled or queued really comes in handy, saving you plenty of time to focus on other important tasks.


Using Instagram for your business is no longer an option nowadays, in order to success with social media, you need to be active and have a strong social presence on the major platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

The above tips will help you get started building a presence on Instagram however, it all comes down to the quality of content and how you engage with your audience. Providing you get that right, you’ll be on the right track to Instagram success.

Ready grow your Instagram presence and create a stunning feed of content? Get started with Schedugram today and plot your feed with our Instagram planner, queue your posts in advance and create eye-catching content within our app.