Visual Planner

Planner lets you visually design stunning Instagram grid layouts by showing you exactly what your posts will look like on an Instagram grid before you publish them.

You can drag content from your drafts into the grid, move the posts around (scheduled, queued or draft posts) and double check your posts for mistakes before they go live.

Drag & Drop Calendar

Calendar lets you see your entire content schedule at a glance. Set it to either monthly, weekly or daily view and it’ll show you all your planned posts for that period.

Drag and drop your drafts directly to the calendar to schedule them, rearrange your posts by dragging them from one time slot to another, and preview them before they’re published.

Tag away

Tagging locations, users and products in your posts is a surefire way to increase your engagement, reach new followers and make more sales.

With Schedugram, you can schedule location tags, mention tags and most importantly - shoppable tags to showcase your products and drive sales from Instagram.

Rich content & post types

Diverse content is key to maintaining a great Instagram presence and aesthetic.

Now you can schedule carousels, videos and stories with Schedugram and we'll post them automatically for you. So, whether you want to share your favorite moments from an event or give an inside look into a new product, just choose the images/videos you want to share, upload to Schedugram and let us do the rest.


Queue makes it easy to stick to a consistent publishing schedule. Just drag and drop your images and videos into Queue in the order your want, then set up time slot that covers the best posting times for your audience and we’ll do the rest.

When one of your ‘slots’ comes up, we’ll grab your top post and publish it for you. If you want to make changes, you can rearrange your queued posts anytime.

Professional Image Editor

Having a unique design and style for your account is a key way to show how you're different on Instagram.

Your images will look amazing after you’ve tweaked them using our in-browser editor. You can crop them, resize them, apply filters, and add stickers and text to create a unique look for your brand.

Hashtag templates

Store groups of hashtags in one convenient place so you can easily add them to posts, Instagram stories or campaigns.

Automatic Posting

Forget about posting your own content. Once you schedule or queue a post with Schedugram, we’ll publish it for you automatically anytime you want, including carousel posts, videos and Instagram stories.

We use a pool of real phones in Melbourne, Australia, which complies with Instagram’s rules 100%. You’ll be able to target a global audience and have fresh content added to your feed when it matters most - without having to touch your phone.

Instagram Stories

Schedugram is the only tool that lets you schedule Instagram Stories and posts them automatically. All you have to do is upload your content to Schedugram, choose the best time and relax - we'll post your Stories for you.

With Schedugram, you can post images and videos to your Stories and if your profile qualifies - you can also schedule links and track clicks on them!


Dig deeper into the who, what and why of your Instagram feed by gaining insights into your posts with Schedugram’s robust analytics dashboard.

Schedugram's analytics give you everything you need to know about growing your account and engaging your audience.

Multiple accounts

Easily switch between different accounts and manage their individual content schedules.

With unlimited users who you can share one or more accounts with, it's perfect for agencies, freelancers, influencers and global brands.

Made for work-life balance


Our users tell us they save over 100 hours every year using our platform. Here’s how we do it.

Our Queue feature lets you schedule posts without having to select a date and time for each one.

Images and videos can be uploaded in bulk directly from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

All uploaded images and videos are converted into the right size and format for Instagram automatically.

Spend less time managing Instagram.

Free 7-day trial - no credit card required. Easy setup.

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Streamline your workflow

Fully packed app? Why, yes

Schedugram offers all the features you need in an Instagram scheduling tool.

    • Video Scheduling
    • Carousel/Gallery Scheduling
    • Posts are posted automatically
    • Handy mobile apps
    • Hashtags in first comment
    • Top-notch support
    • Canva integration
    • Image scheduling
    • Link in bio tracking
    • Queue slots for regular posting
    • Unlimited post drafts
    • Hashtags in first comment
    • 100+ Hours saved every year
    • Instagram story scheduling
    • Unlimited additional users
    • Visual grid planner
    • Full-featured image editor
    • Drag & Drop calendar view

Why customers love Schedugram

Over 10,000 freelancers, agencies and brands use Schedugram every day to improve their visual marketing on Instagram. Why aren't you too?

“With the Planner Feature, you can easily switch posts around and get the immediate visual result on how your channel will look once the posts are published. Love it!”

Gabriella Hersche

“The new Instagram Story feature is great! I can add to our story and be part of their feed, but without having to do it in real time. As a busy store owner, I love being part of the latest social media trends without losing focus of my customers during the day.”

Kim Williams
The Polka Dot Press

“Schedugram has allowed our social media team to more effectively create storylines and arcs and to coordinate with our marketing team through its engaging layout and useful planning tools. We love the calendar that allows us to visually see our Instagram posts over the entire month!”

Samantha Lin
360 Painting

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