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    Apr / 18

    How to Spice Up Your Feed with Instagram Slideshows

    When it was first released, Instagram offered a platform on which to post cool photos. Today, users have the option to post a variety of content: images, videos, Live updates, 24-hour Instagram Stories, and Instagram slideshows. Instagram slideshows refer to multiple-image posts – or carousel posts. Instead of just one photo, carousel images allow you…

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    Mar / 18

    Schedugram support over Easter

    This weekend is the Easter weekend (Friday 30 March 2018 to Monday 2 April inclusive). As with other holiday periods, we will still have staff members on support and “on call” for any issues that may come up, and to keep an eye on our support inboxes. However, we might take a little while longer…

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    Mar / 18

    What You Need to Know About Instagram’s New Algorithm

    Another day, another announcement of a social media algorithm update. Sigh—it seems like just when you finally have things figured out, a new tweak or update swoops in and switches things up. Such is the case with Instagram, who recently announced that they were making some changes to give users “more control over your feed…

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    Mar / 18

    How to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

    If you’ve checked out some friends’ or competitors’ Instagram profiles, you might’ve noticed some circles featured below their bios. Some may be titled, while others might simply read “Highlights.” These are called Instagram Story Highlights, and through the release of this feature, Instagram has now allowed users to curate and post Story content right on…