New feature: Thumbnail options for Instagram videos with Schedugram

By in Schedugram features Sep 7, 2017

Do you use video in your Instagram strategy? Apparently, while videos get less likes, they tend to get more comments and can spark engagement on your account. Overall, only about a third of Instagram posts are videos but they nevertheless matter when you’re trying to tell a story.

Thumbnails or preview images help your followers decide whether to watch the video you just posted or not. Which is why it’s important for the thumbnail to be compelling and eye-catching.

Instagram defaults to the first frame of the video for the preview image but in the app, you can choose whatever thumbnail works best for your video.

While this wasn’t possible with Schedugram before (due to technical issues), you can now choose between two options for the video thumbnail: the first frame of the video or the middle frame of the video.

While we understand this isn’t perfect, it’s the best we can do right now.

Here’s how it works: when uploading your video, the first frame will be the default and you can toggle to choose the middle frame if you want:

You can find more information on the feature as well as screenshots in our knowledge base article on preview frames.

We hope this helps make your videos more compelling! As usual, we’re eager to hear your feedback, feel free to leave a comment here or reach out to [email protected]!