Instagram’s updated abusive comment filters: what does it mean for your company?

By in Instagram Strategy May 2, 2018

On 1 May, Facebook held their F8 developer conference, where they announced a range of new initiatives from a new groups tab for Facebook to an entire dating app.

We’re going to cover all of the Instagram-related news in a series of posts in the next day or two. The first major feature rolling out to Instagram is an improved comment filtering system aiming to reduce bullying. 

As a company, you don’t want people having wars inside comment sections. Firstly, nobody wants that anywhere full stop, but the less you have to feel like you need to police comment threads yourself the better (less work and better for everyone = win/win!).  Secondly, the more that we can all do to clean up the bad parts of the web the better – in the same way that at Schedugram we have a number of processes to combat Instagram spam and make sure our customers add value to the Instagram community.

Instagram has had an ‘offensive comment filter’ for a while anyway, which every company should keep enabled. Luckily, this new filter is also default “on” for all accounts (it’s the same setting), so you don’t need to do anything. If you want to check whether it is enabled, you can review the setting in the section in the screenshot below (instructions here). Keep in mind if you disable it that any previously filtered comments will be shown for future and past posts (they’re “hidden” rather than “deleted”).

Our team welcomes this change, and look forward to Facebook/Instagram delivering more community building oriented tools for brands using Instagram.

(screenshot via Instagram)

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