How to Create Super Engaging Content on Instagram

Nike is an Instagram leader learn how to engage your instagram followers
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How to Engage Your Instagram Followers and Audience

Creating super engaging content that makes your brand stand out is becoming a key challenge for marketers.

The constant changes to an algorithm-driven feed requires the creation of quality, engaging content and then some.

Want to learn how to engage your Instagram followers? Want to showcase your products and services? Achieving your marketing goals will become easier by following these five tips.

1. Produce quality content

Regardless of your budget and the purpose for which you use social media – quality content is key.

Nike is an Instagram leader with 75 million followers.

Their aim: “inspiring the world’s athletes”.

Their brand’s story is bolstered with every post – Just Do It – exercise, determination, health, happiness.

Tight, focused storytelling depicts Nike as part of the dream journey.

If you were to remove all trace of Nike’s brand (logo, tagline and fonts) from their content, you’ll find that empowering content remains.

Nike demonstrates a #wantitall attitude your brand strategy would do well to emulate.

Although your budget may pale in comparison to Nike’s, you don’t need a producer or video editor to create rich content.

Invest your time in testing different types of video content with free apps such as Quik.

Don’t overthink the process, instead plan what you want to communicate, what you’d like to film, edit and post!

The key here is to just get started.

Or Just Do It *wink emoji*.

Not sure what content your audience wants to see from you? Use Instagram’s polling feature to ask.

2. Know when to post

Knowing when the optimal days and times to post will increases the likelihood of your content being seen by your audience.

Instagram’s algorithm has an impact on the reach of your posts, so it’s you develop a strong understanding of Instagram Insights.

Insights break down followers by gender, age range, and location.

It shows the posts and stories your followers see and engage with.

It breaks-down down by day of the week and time of day. Please note, this feature is only available for Business Profile accounts.

Instagram Insights Feature tracks analytics and data-how-to-engage-your-instagram-followers

General Tip: Variations are seen between B2C brands whose audiences continue to engage over weekends and B2B brands who might find audience peaks within working hours.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Check out these trends forecasted for 2018 which you can start incorporating into your social media strategy today.

3. Leverage user-generated content

Leveraging user-generated content is an effective and subtle way to say ‘hey, this is how our customers use our products, here’s how you can too’.

Encourage your audience to take photos and use specific hashtags for them to take photos.

Not only is it an effective solution for sourcing content, it also makes it easier for you to find their photos.

Tag and credit the image of who it belongs to shows that real people using your REAL products.

Wayfair leverages user-generated content (UGC) for it's social media strategy-how-to-engage-your-instagram-followers
Wayfair leverages user-generated content (UGC) for it's social media strategy-how-to-engage-your-instagram-followers

Wayfair showcased a customer testimonial in an indirect way whilst providing a source of #Inspo for their community.

4. Use appropriate hashtags

Did you know that your engagement rate increases with appropriate hashtag use? Be selective, specific, and mindful in targeting your niche and integrate the use of hashtags that don’t contain your brand name.

How does that work?

Well, campaign mission-related hashtags can increase the reach of your post.

As you may already know, getting prospective customers to do what you want them to do is like herding cats.

People don’t like being sold to and told what to do.

You have to create the desire and urge with compelling, fun and creative calls-to-actions.

Red Bull did this remarkably well in 2014 with It’s #Putacanonit campaign.

Inspired by the oversized cans Red Bull uses on it’s promotional vehicles, Red Bull encouraged customers to take photos of the Red Bull can in random and fun places.

Red Bull creates viral social media campaigns, encouraging users to share images of the brand's products-how-to-engage-your-instagram-followers

Want to learn how to use hashtags effectively? Read this article here.

5. Tell your brand’s story

Crafting your brand story requires careful attention to your voice and values.

Emotion is key to effective storytelling and relating to your audience’s life experience is crucial.

The ‘what’ of your product/ service doesn’t belong here.

Capture your audience’s imagination by expressing who they can become with YOUR brand.

Red Bull is crystal clear on their audience’s love of extreme sports.

They embrace it with video heavy content depicting the expected lifestyle of a Red Bull drinker.
The drink is nowhere to be seen.

Red Bull has a strong brand story communicated well on It's Instagram feed-how-to-engage-your-instagram-followers

According to Simply Measured (one of our favorite Instagram analytics tools!), their strategy rewards them with three times the average engagement rate of other leading brands on Instagram.

Red Bulls phenomenal Instagram success is demonstrated by it’s 1236% follower growth in 4.5 years to 7.9 million followers today – how’s that for #inspo?

Not sure what content is right for your brand’s story?

Learn how to figure out what to post on your brand’s feed.

Bringing it all together

Creating super-engaging content isn’t rocket science. If you’re starting out; test, test and test some more. It will help you define what works and what doesn’t. Always remembering to keep track and compare your results.