You can now schedule Carousel posts in Schedugram

By in Schedugram features Aug 22, 2017

Sometimes one photo just doesn’t tell the whole story, which is why Schedugram now supports scheduling carousel posts for your Instagram. You can choose up to 10 images and schedule them to post to Instagram.

So, whether you want to share your favorite moments from an event or give an inside look into a new product, just choose the images you want to share, upload to Schedugram and let us do the rest.

Keep in mind that carousel posts always use square images. You don’t need to crop them before uploading, but we will apply the same crop style that Instagram does when they are uploaded (a centre-weighted square crop). 

UPDATE: Instagram now supports landscape and portrait images to be uploaded into carousels. However, these are still not supported in Schedugram.

When using the web interface, just choose Carousel post:

And you’ll be able to choose more photos to add to your carousel. You can share up to 10 images:  

So, that’s it, let us know if you find this useful and keep an eye on the blog for future updates, we’re always working on making Schedugram better.

If you have any feedback (good and bad!) feel free to send through to our team at [email protected]