7 Best Instagram Marketing Campaigns of 2017

By in Social media marketing Dec 22, 2017

It’s hard to create an Instagram Marketing Campaign that stands out.

So how do you create a campaign that attracts followers? How do you stand out in a sea of social media content?

Pay attention to the best Instagram campaigns of 2017, to get your creative juices flowing for your campaigns in 2018.

1. Airbnb

AirBnb did something special this year. In February, the tech giant started the #WeAccept campaign, which  highlighted the need to accept people, regardless of their race, social class, gender or ethnicity. It was a good move, considering the fact that AirBnb’s customers are millennials who embrace adventures with people from around the world.

The campaign began with an inspirational video. It was followed by a series of photos featuring close-up faces of individuals and their experiences with people from different backgrounds. These photos were a stark contrast to the photos of beautiful homes—which remain a constant in the brand’s Instagram feed.

  airbnb 1.jpg

 airbnb 2.jpg

airbnb 3.jpg

Not surprisingly, the campaign was an online hit! The posts received thousands of likes and comments. As of December 2017, its video alone has 113,000 likes and 600 comments.

2. Adobe

Adobe’s Instagram success has a lot to do with their  themes. The brand posts a different theme for each month in their bio. Then, creatives post photos and illustrations that are in line with the theme.

In the spirit of looking back on 2017, Adobe’s theme for December is #Adobe_Reflections. 

So far, the results have been phenomenal.

adobe d.jpg


By announcing monthly themes on their Instagram bio, Adobe is able to engage with the creative community and get meaningful content.

3. Heinz

An Instagram campaign that turns a fantasy into a reality can drive up a ton of engagement, and that’s exactly what Heinz did in their “Irresistible posts” Instagram marketing campaign.

In order to promote their brand in Brazil, the company used geolocation to target local customers. All users had to do was to look at Instagram stories around lunch time to see videos made by Chef Santi Roif  from the Underdog Meat and Bears restaurant. Once online users made an upward movement on the screen, they could get the sandwiches—featured on the video—delivered right at their doorstep.

Bonus points for the Heinz products that are included in the delivery.


Heinz also sent live videos and photos of the sandwiches—as they’re being made—which made customers’ mouths water.

 “We decided to turn people’s craving into reality,” Heinz Marketing Director Isabella Rizzo, explains in a statement. “Irresistible Posts innovate in the way people consume content: by eating it with Heinz.”

Turning food porn into reality is an incredibly effective way to engage with customers and spread the word about your brand. So, if you’re in the food industry, take a page out of Heinz’s book and follow their lead.

4. DJI

For starters, DJI is a tech company that specializes in drone technology and high-quality aerial cameras. The company’s recent success has a lot do with their Instagram marketing strategy.

Since companies that create photography products, can showcase their products’ capabilities with a series of photos and videos, it’s a lot easier to sell the product on Instagram. This is the advantage that DJI leveraged in their compelling Instagram drone videos and photos. 

For instance, the photo below featuring LA—is a shot taken via the DJI Zenmuse X7 camera. And it does a good job at proving the camera’s capabilities and highlighting its specs.

DJI 1.jpg

Each post on the profile is a winning sales pitch.

So, it’s no surprise that DJI’s Instagram profile is filled with jaw-dropping travel porn videos and photos.



Through a series of 15 second clips, DJI clearly establishes why drones and aerial cameras are a must-have for filmmakers and photographers.

5. MAC

It’s no secret that Halloween is MAC’s time to shine. So what exactly did it do well?

For starters, the brand’s senior artists—John Stapleton and Regan Rabanal—created the #SeniorArtistsSlayHalloween Instagram Campaign to encourage artists from around the world to showcase their skills. As expected, the posts featured creepy characters, spooky looks and mythical creatures.  Below are some of the posts that stood out:

Creepy Stuffed Animal by Regan Rabanal @reganrabanal


Pennywise by Alex Zandy @alexzandyy.mua


Tiffany Johnston @ttjohnston  Cosmic, Wet, Clown


Stitch Witch by Ashley Rudder @Ashley_Rudder 


What’s so interesting about MAC’s Instagram marketing campaign, is that it promotes the product in an organic way. Makeup artists rock the costume department, and people love to genuinely celebrate Halloween by sharing their spooky Halloween costumes. As a result, MAC is able to get photos of creative looks and drive a ton of engagement.

6. That Feeling When Gucci: uses memes to sell wristwatches

Memes—images or animated gifs paired with clever text—are always hot in social media. Millennials love to like and share them because they’re witty or funny.

Guuci took advantage of this trend when it launched—Le Marche des Merveilles—its latest collection of watches.  The brand commissioned a handful of famous Internet artists such as designer @williamcult (William Ndatila), documentarian @littlebrownmushroom (Alec Soth) and photography team  @meatwreck to create a curated collection of Gucci-inspired memes.

The campaign, called—That Feeling When Gucci or #TFWGucci—illustrate what it’s like to wear high-fashion wristwatches.

Here are some photos that stood out:








The descriptions aren’t subtle—but then again, neither is the Gucci brand. By using memes to illustrate the experience of wearing Gucci, the brand both reinforces and makes fun of its status and prestige. In addition, it’s also a great way to attract millennials and get the attention of the older generation. Bonus points for consistently hitting two birds with one stone.

7. National Geographic

Last International Women’s Day Microsoft and National Geographic garnered 3.5M likes in one day! What did these brands do right?

Microsoft partnered National Geographic’s photographers to take photos of prominent female scientists and adventurers. These photos featured stories of women in STEM and the role of STEM in adventurous activities such as rock climbing. 


NATGEO 1.jpg NATGEO 3.jpg


By creating posts that encourage women to pursue the sciences and inspiring young girls to take up the field—these companies are able to create authentic posts that truly make an impact.

What are the best Instagram campaigns that you’ve seen for the past year? Let us now in the comments below.