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Other Platforms

Missed messages, unhappy team and unhappy customers.

With Schedugram

Everything in one place. A happy team and happy customers.

Rich Content

Most platforms only let you schedule single image posts, but with Schedugram you can also post carousels, videos and stories automatically to create a feed worth following.

With Other Platforms
  • Boring feeds
  • Low engagement
  • Poor growth
  • No or limited tagging
  • No advanced content types
With Schedugram
  • Dynamic content
  • High engagement
  • More fans and followers
  • Tag people, products and locations
  • Schedule & post carousels, videos and stories

Full-feature photo editor

All photo editors do the basics, but not many of them were designed specifically for Instagram. Ours was. That’s why our ‘quick crop’ option automatically changes your images to the right size and ratio for posting on Instagram. And our stickers and filters look just like theirs, too.

With Other Platforms
  • Bad crops
  • Pixelated images
  • Amateurish stickers and ugly filters
With Schedugram
  • Great crops
  • Clear images
  • Instagram-like stickers

Grid/visual planning

You won’t find a platform with a better visual planner than ours. Forget generic previews. We let you see exactly what your posts will look like Instagram before you publish them.

You can test different layouts, develop your own unique aesthetic, and give your grids that all important ‘wow factor’.

With Other Platforms
  • Generic Previews
  • Hard to test layouts
  • Dull-looking grids
With Schedugram
  • True previews so you can post with confidence
  • Grid layouts you can rearrange
  • Beautiful feeds that speak to your audience

People, Product and location Tagging

Tagging people and products helps you engage with your audience and gets them interacting with your brand.

Adding locations to your posts makes it easy for potential customers to discover you using search.

With Other Platforms
  • No tagging means fewer likes
  • Less comments
  • Nobody finds you
With Schedugram
  • Tonnes of likes
  • Piles of comments
  • Customers beating a path to your door

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Hashtag Templates

Hashtags help you reach more people, but keeping track of them is a pain. So we created a place to keep them all together. And when you want to add them to a post, you can with one click.

With Other Platforms
  • Hashtags can't be stored in-app
  • Hard to keep track
  • Difficul to add a post
With Schedugram
  • All hashtags grouped and ready to go
  • You'll be able to add them to posts in seconds
  • Reach more people, more easily than before

First Comment posting

Unlike other platforms, Schedugram lets you add you all your hashtags as a first comment while you’re creating your post, instead of putting them in the caption or adding them separately later.

You’ll be able to create attractive posts that never look spammy.

With Other Platforms
  • Add hashtags as comment takes longer
  • Less convenient
  • Has to be done manually
With Schedugram
  • Adding hashtags as a comment is quick
  • Convenient & easy
  • Posted automatically


Want to harness the power of the regramming? Schedugram saves you valuable time by letting you repost and schedule content for your feed while you’re browsing Instagram.

With Other Platforms
  • You need to open several tabs, download images...
  • and then login to your account...
  • and then upload, comment, post...
With Schedugram
  • No need to download/upload
  • Just click, comment, schedule
  • Never leave Chrome

Link in bio

Unlike most platforms, Schedugram lets you add a link in your bio to your website, blog or landing page and we track how many clicks it gets for you. That way, you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

With Other Platforms
  • No tracking
  • No analytics
  • No idea whats working
With Schedugram
  • See exactly what's working
  • Use data to create more success
  • Successful campaigns

Continuous Innovation

We continuously add new features our customers request. For example, we were first to support rectangular images when they were released by Instagram – and it only took us three days to do it!

With Schedugram
  • Always improving
  • We help grow your audience
  • Increase your ROI

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