About Us

Schedugram was born out of frustration and necessity. It all started way back in 2013 when founder Hugh Stephens (pictured) was consulting for an agency, looking at what parts of their work were inefficient and costing way too much time and money.

Hugh found that posting content to Instagram for the agency’s clients was the biggest time waster. They had people sitting logging in and out of phones, emailing photos to themselves, and copy/pasting captions to post – for the entire day.

A self-professed nerd, Hugh figured that there had to be a better way. The first version of Schedugram was built (by him) in the end of 2013, and we launched into beta in January 2014. It was initially something that was just to help out some of our friends and colleagues within the social media industry, but it quickly became obvious that the demand was a lot bigger.

Three years on, we’re still building Schedugram and work everyday alongside customers and clients to help them be more efficient. We’re proud to serve customers ranging in size from small cafés to global brands, and we have customers on every continent.

We also have a much bigger team – while our main office is in Melbourne, Australia, our team is located around the globe. While Australia is an amazing holiday destination, the timezone leaves a lot to be desired for given we have customers around the globe. Luckily for Hugh, he doesn’t have to do any coding anymore (although he still dabbles, much to the frustration of the rest of the team…).

Schedugram was built by people who work in the industry for you – someone who needs our unique service. Almost all of the features of Schedugram have been built in close consultation with our customers, and thanks to our customers, we are proud to be the leading Instagram scheduling platform globally.

Read more about Dialogue Group, check out Hugh’s blog or Twitter, or follow Schedugram on Twitter for updates.

Proudly made in Melbourne

Dialogue Group is a team in Australia working to help people have better conversations.

We do this through products and services, and work with customers and clients across the world.